portrait acrylic on canvas

bagaimana menurut kamu, mudah bukan melukis portrait acrylic on canvas.

sedikit komentar boleh saran, kritikan, dikata-katain, di cemohoh juga boleh, buat kemajuan saya, terima kasih.
beberapa komentar yang saya terima terkait lukisan ini, dari kawan-kawan saya di forum.about.com
ini pertanyaan saya:
hi all,

why I love to paint pictures, I always wanted to try for something different from painting portraits, but that desire can not do. This is a portrait painting from photo to 4 me on acrylic 68 x 48 cm. I wish you all the views of this painting with the honest, and I want to suggest how do I change my point of view of the painting, because I believe that painting should be enjoyed by everyone. most of the places I looked at paintings from the similarity of the results. I hope your suggestions and opinions about this.

thank you for all

komentar mereka:
well i think it is a excellent portrait. very well done. you have captured the innocene of youth with a bit of attitude with the cocked eyebrow. the only thing i may be tempted to change is background. the orange and yellow and green pillows or whatever they are, make a distraction from the subject. good work and welcome to the forum.
from jrmerrel

Welcome to the forum, are you from Indonesia? Your English is really good.

I love your painting very nice colour for the skin. I love the hairline and the little curly bits. My only question is the pink thing across the front of her chest what is that? Other than that it’s lovely.



I am pretty sure she is laying in bed and that pink thing is the trim of a striped blanket.

I really like this one too. Wishing I were better with mixing skin tones with the paint colors i have on hand.

from Sandra

Welcome to the forum

well done, this is really lovely. You have done beautiful skin tone.

love the colours too.

from Julz

Oh that could be. Depends on how you look at it for sure. Skin tones are extremely hard. Not that I’m a portrait artist by any means.

from lorraine

thank for you comment, This is very meaningful to me, to increase confidence and my ability.


2 thoughts on “portrait acrylic on canvas

  1. setiap bisnis apapun pasti ada peluang, setiap produk pasti ada pasarnya, jangankan sepatu kotoran juga ada pasarnya. semua perusahaan boleh bekerjasama, karena setiap orang memakai sepatu. bersyukur sepatu lukis menjadi trend di indonesia karena di luar negeri baru tau, itu juga saya kasih tau. he he he….. kreatifitas tak terbatas pada satu hal, banyak teramat banyak, tinggal bagaimana kita, gunakan otak kanan anda jangan gunakan otak kiri anda ketika anda akan berkreatifas, selamat berkreasi mudah-mudahan akan banyak lagi ide-ide baru yang muncul di negeri ini, kita sama baiknya dengan mereka yang di luar, nggak ada bedanya.


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